There is quite a buzz going on about Google My Business’ new feature for local searches. Do you own a restaurant or offer online appointment booking? Google My Business or GMB for short, is offering a new feature that makes it easier for customers to contact your business.

This feature will be represented as a “booking button” and can really help you at standing out against other competitors with GMB listings. With this, your customers will be able to make an appointment directly through GMB, saving them time and hassle! The entire process is said to take less than a minute, to book an appointment.

With an easier process, you might experience an increase in traffic because the ‘ease’ of the process is so much more pronounced.

Google posted an article about this recent change saying:

Add links to specific actions like online orders or reservations. Make it easier for customers to take action directly from your listing.

In the new GMB interface, administrators can track the amount of appointment made through the Google My Business platform. Is this your light at the end of the tunnel? Those who meet the GMB booking criteria can follow these steps to get ahead of competitors and earn more lead captures! You can add URL’s to your GMB for the following actions: booking appointments, placing orders, reserving tables, menu viewing, and searching for items.

Want to know how to set up your GMP with your local business URLs?

Step One

Open and sign in to Google My Business.

Step Two

Click on Manage location, then click Info from the menu.

Step Three

Click the URL section. Depending on your industry, you might see additional URL options that you can add for convenience.

Step Four

Gather all of the URLs (menus, booking, search) that you want available to customers on your GMB listing.Then add them to the appropriate fields.

Step Five

Click Apply and you’re all done!

Already see these links in your GMB listing? Google works with many third-party providers that might already have your information submitted onto your GMB page. This saves you a lot of time but can be a small inconvenience because you’ll be unable to add, edit or remove the existing links.

If you’re experiencing an issue or there’s a broken link you’ll want to contact Google Support or your preferred digital marketing agency.