Halloween is right around the corner and soon you’ll have frightening goblins and spooky ghosts running all around your neighborhood. Do you remember how scary it was to walk up to a stranger's dimly lit porch ‘hoping’ to be rewarded with a treat? Was your costume good enough? Would you get frightened by an unexpected surprise and coward-away?

Local search marketing and trick-or-treating share a remarkable resemblance to one another. Whether you’re a new, old or rebranded company, asking for someone's business (or treats for comparison) can be frightening. Maybe you’re not as confident as you’d hope to be or you see someone else doing better than you-- the process can be overwhelming.

It can be especially overwhelming when you find that you haven’t been doing all that you could be, and have to face some terrifying consequences. Ramifications like a huge drop in Google ranking placement, poor brand imaging or even customers being unable to find you at all.

So why not face those monsters head on and get all the tricks & tricks that you want and deserve?!

pumpkin clipartThere are quite a few SEO strategies that you could be doing to improve your local search performance. In doing so, you could start seeing more conversions, higher click-thru rates, phone calls, lead captures and other local domination signs.


Maybe you’ve already heard, but Google has been giving out recent warnings towards sites that are not secure, A.K.A, HTTP web pages. I have stopped myself from entering a site on several occasions because of this warning, but studies have shown that up to 70% of Google users were ignoring this warning.

So now, Google is taking action against unsecured sites and cracking down on non-HTTPS webpages. Many people are misled to believe that buying an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) will solve this problem, but it’s not the case.

The transformation to unsecured to HTTPS is a bit of a technical process. We advise that you seek professional help if you’re not too tech savvy or you can  look over the following HTTPS guidelines set forth by Google.


Don’t be one of those people who is ghoulishly laughing at the thought of using Google+. Surprisingly, Google+ is one of the largest social platforms in the world! Used by companies, organizations, and regular people like yourself,  this platform is incredibly resourceful.

Don’t let its reputation have you waking up in a Nightmare on Elm Street sweat, use it to your advantage! Local search ranking can have a significant effect on how you appear in Google Maps. Several studies even suggest that Google+ is more likely to rank higher than other social media platforms.

Plant your pumpkins now and start digging those roots into first place ranking, by using Google+ as any other media source.ghost 

Voice Search

This is a big one you guys, poor content will come back to haunt you in the most chilling ways possible. As one of the most important factors in local search marketing, there are several aspects that you need to incorporate. Aside from duplicate content or overstuffing keywords, it’s important to make your content flexible enough for search engines to understand it too.

Voice search compatibility is an extremely important part of digital marketing in this day and age. You’ll need to create content that’s easily translated for voice searches. If you’re looking for “Haunted Houses” in a Google search, your location and previous search history will guide you to the closest spots in your area. With voice search, you wouldn’t just say, “Haunted Houses,” you’d say something like “Where’s the closest Haunted House near me?” It’s important to incorporate voice search content so that you can accommodate all search guidelines.

If you're having trouble with anyone one of these local search ranking factors, contact us right away! SMB Local is your local search expert, and we'll make YOU somebody local!